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The Dancing Valkyrie


The novel, "The Dancing Valkyrie," by Adirondack author Peter Klein, is the story of a young woman, Mary Hoffman, who is a librarian by day and who works nights as an erotic dancer at a topless club in Schenectady, NY. While on a hike in the wilds of the Adirondack Mountains of northern New York, Mary Hoffman falls under the spell of a very rich woman who turns her into a vampire. The novel follows her rapid acclimation into being what she was born to be - a vampire with a lust for both blood and sex, and draws to a conclusion when she meets a vampire who lives to kill other vampires - and whose name is Van Helsing. In an odd way, this is a coming of age story. Mary adjusts to what she has become and tries to carry on the life she led before becoming a vampire. She makes friends with some humans and feels an obligation to protect them from humans and other vampires. She doesn’t see herself as evil. Rather she sees being a vampire as a gift she needs to learn how to wisely use.

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